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History of the Peruvian Inca Orchid

According to certain experts, this dog was introduced in Peru during the Chinese immigration,
soon after the promulgation of the law abolishing the slavery of blacks by the President of Peru,
Don Ramon Castilla. On the other hand, other searchers suppose that this dog comes from the African
continent through the intermediary of nomads who arrived in America accompanied by their hairless dogs.
Another possible explanation is that the presence of this dog would be due to the migration of men and
their dogs from Asia to America through the Bering Strait.


However, there are certain proofs such as the representations which appear on ceramics of different
pre-Inca civilizations (Vicus, Mochica, Chancay under Tiahuanacoid influence, Chimu); in many cases
the hairless dog has replaced the Puma, the snake or the falcon, this in particular and in a more
vident way in the Chancay culture. As we can gather from the reproductions, the hairless dog appears
during the pre-Inca archaeological periods, ie. between the year’s 300 BC and the years 1400 AD.

Thank you to Xioma Kennels for sharing this information and allowing it to be used on this web site.