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Rescue Stories with Happy Endings

Chia's Story

I first met Chia when I went with a friend to meet with a Shar-Pei breeder. There were over 38 dogs in their
home and it was pure chaos. She was hiding in the back of an airline crate. I had never seen a hairless dog and
did not know they even existed. She looked me straight in the eyes and I could swear I could hear her plea for me
to get her out of there as she cowered in fear. I sat down ignoring the chaos around me and tried to coax her from
her crate. I asked buy her (when I had no intention of purchasing a dog) on the spot but was told that she was not
for sale and that they had plans to breed her even though she was just weaned a litter and was less than a year old!

I kept coming back to see Chia because she haunted me. Two weeks after I first met her I got a call to come get
her and the other two PIOs in the home. Evidently the male PIO had just bred their champion Shar Pei and the
husband was threatening to kill them. I left within minutes and that night I had three PIOs in my home. Two were
quite outgoing but it was Chia, who had touched my heart. She would not even come out of the airline crate. Her
skin was burned and full of sores and she was ten pounds underweight. I had to hand feed her and pull her out to
do her business in the yard. It took her about two weeks till she felt safe enough to come out on her own. When
she did she crawled up into my lap put her head on my shoulder and lay as much of her body against me as she could
and refused to leave. She was telling me she finally felt safe. Unfortunately she was not mine to keep. She was
still owned by a lady in Texas whose home had been destroyed in a 100 year flood. She had placed her PIOs with the
Shar-Pei breeders because he was the president of the national club and she thought they would be safe there.

I called her owner and told her what had happened and sent pictures. She had purchased Chia for $1000 at a dog
show when she found her owner beating her with a stick. She was sick when she heard what had happened to her
because she had placed her with another dog person who bred her without her permission on her first heat and then
locked her and her pups in a closet. She was very upset to hear these people had not treated her well. When she
got the pictures of her condition she immediately signed her and the other PIOs over to me. Soon after getting
her, Chia was diagnosed with a serious heart arrhythmia from her near starvation and the vet felt I would be lucky
to have her for a year. I called her the dog that lived on love. I had her for fifteen years.

It took a great deal of time for her to get used to others beside myself but once she did she became the boss of
our home. She had a personality and a mouth that would not be ignored. She only barked when she wanted something
but if you ignored her she got louder and louder. As soon as you guessed what she wanted she gave a single bark
then was quiet. She found a creative way to keep my five children from arguing. She would determine who was at
fault and pee on their bed (she never had accidents other than to show her displeasure with their behavior). They
learned to take her their arguments outside!

She began going on my rounds with me at retirement homes and would sense people who needed her attention. On
two occasions she got people who had not spoken for years to start talking. She did therapy work till she was
fourteen years old.

Chia was one of the dearest friends I have ever had. She has been gone for around eight years but she remains a part of our lives through the stories all the family tell about her. The little shy dog who cowered in the back of a crate had an enormous impact on so many people whose lives she touched. Trust me when I say a rescue dog is so worth the effort.
Christie Smith

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